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Butuan City

If you read B-U-T-U-A-N scribbled on a piece of paper, chances are you will read it wrong. And you’d never be able to decode its airport call sign BXU if you read it at a flight roster in the airport. But settled in the heart of the 13th Region of the Philippines is the jumpstart that is the slowly but surely rising city of Butuan. An unexpected haven for some of the country’s most notable names. May it be a birthplace, hometown, vacation destination or a part of the yearly travel tradition you would never mistake Butuan as anything but a breeding ground for not only commerce but talent that need further traction. In recent years it has risen in the ranks in terms of infrastructure and have successfully become a jumping off point for the other parts of the region. A little known fact however is that Butuan is home to investment worthy resources that is unmistakable. Home to people who are adaptable and dynamic, the city proper has also become a central business destination that has surpassed even the expectations of some of the country’s biggest companies. Butuan is steadily becoming a gem that is slowly attracting the light of so many facets waiting to be discovered. A city that is easy to get to from any of the major airports in Manila and Cebu. A much better stop over than any of its other places in Caraga Region. Butuan and its rich cultural heritage have long since been passed on as a part of the Philippines earliest beginnings.

From being a Rajahnate known for it’s rich metallurgic industry and sophisticated naval technology Butuan has found evidence that it has also established commercial ties early on with the use of Balanghay boats that have been excavated in a concentrated location within the city limits in recent years to prove it’s use for transporting wares between the Rajahnate then to as far as China in the time of the Yuan Dynasty. It is often said that before there was the Philippines there was Butuan an arguably succinct statement that had been derived from the first Easter Mass celebrated supposedly here in Masao that has been dubbed as the birth of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines. From witness accounts that have traced the city’s participation in such a historic landmark of the country.

Butuan has also made it into history books until after the post colonial era, it’s strategic placement on the map has made the city a focal point during the Japanese Occupation in World War 2. And has been marked as the Timber City of the South in Modern times by the between the 1940’s to the 1970’s after being made into a City on August 2, 1950. Since then 66 years into the future the current city of Butuan has been classified as a highly urbanized city and home to it’s very own and home grown Tri-media network: The Northern Mindanao Broadcasting System. With a fully functioning Radio Station, Well-equipped TV Network capable of producing quality TV programs that can compete with even it’s metropolitan counterparts. Not to mention being the only LED board placed at the business intersection in the region and the main thoroughfare of Butuan City.

Aimed at developing talent, propagating social change thru top caliber entertainment. NMBS aims to bring back the glory days of the radio by a format that is less talk and more quality music that seeks to encompass even Butuan’s own expectations when it comes to the level of entertainment it digests. In less than a year since it’s LAUNCH, NMBS has revived and revolutionized not only the entertainment industry but has employed the region’s best. Multi-faceted, multi-talented and passionate individuals that have slowly created a systematic work force that allows each of its 31 employees to take on tasks that make for a dynamic start-up headed by it’s equivocally game changing CEO Dr. Jake V. Valeroso and Butuan’s Experienced Event Insider and Entertainment Institution Carmen Docdocil that has brought the effectivity of a happy working environment that is centered on a work-life balance that is family-oriented and goal achieving practices that allow everyone to pitch in.

In all the days that is to come, Butuan City will see the dawn of even brighter mornings and well lived nights. It will be aided by NMBS as it enters it’s Golden Age as Caraga Region’s powerhouse. And we all need to work together, sit next to each other and urge each other forward if not for ourselves but for a City we all need to emboss on the map.


After all, BEE is BUTUAN CITY.

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