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3 Albums to look forward to in 2020

As a new chapter of our lives begins, so is another day in the office - or in this case, studio- of your favourite artists! With great anticipation for new tracks to hit your favourite radio stations and streaming sites, oftentimes we are left searching for details or any pre-released info or songs relating to these albums.

Not to worry because here are 3 albums to look forward to within this year!

Justin Bieber

Justin’s 5th untitled upcoming studio album has been making headlines and has been trending on YouTube and Twitter since the release of his latest single “Yummy”. What’s more is he released a teaser trailer for his upcoming US tour for the untitled album; declaring a return to form and his excitement to “...perform it and tour it,”.

Bieber’s US tour for his upcoming album begins in May 14, while he and his team hasn’t set a release date yet for the album. However, if he’ll start touring to promote the album soon, JB fans won’t have to wait too long for it’s release.

Selena Gomez - Rare

She told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on June 2019, that the album will have a "sense of strong pop", and that she experimented with electric guitar. She also told Fallon that it took her "four years now to even feel at a good place with this album."

“Rare” is targeting a January 10 release date and is reported to have 13 tracks total; including the aforementioned singles.


After numerous pushbacks following her divorce with Liam Hemsworth and her vocal cord surgery in November of last year, Miley is gearing up to release her upcoming 7th studio album “SHE IS MILEY CYRUS”. Miley describes the upcoming album as “genre-less" and a "mosaic of all the things that [she's] been before."

She stated that it would feature elements of pop, hip hop, and alternative music that are commonly associated with her fourth and fifth studio albums Bangerz (2013) and Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz (2015), and are in contrast to the country pop sound of Younger Now.

Unlike conventional albums, She Is Miley Cyrus will consist of three six-song EPs – She Is Coming, She Is Here, and She Is Everything – which will be released before the full-length album. She is Coming was released on May 31 last year, with the other two EPs still have unscheduled release dates. Singles for this album include “Slide Away” and “Mother’s Daughter”.

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